November 20, 2023 to present

Yokohama, Kawasaki, Yokosuka, Miura prices

1.Fare distance 

Basic Fare until

1.091 km  500yen

Additional fare every Fare

239 m  100yen

2. Fare in Traffic

When speed drops to under 10km   100yen every minute and 30 seconds

3.Fare by time by waiting

Basic Fare until

1st hour, 5,450yen

Additional fare every Fare

 Every 30mins2, 460yen

Time-based fares apply when there is a special agreement based on time-based fares in advance.

4.Late night early morning loading

10pm to 5am 20% loading charge

5.Booking fee

400 yen

In addition, if the vehicle waits for the customer’s convenience after arrival, it will be added as a combined time and distance fare.

6.Early morning booking fee

400 yen

4am to 8am
Please book before 10am the day before

7.Disability discount

10% discount with proof of disability

This is limited to the boarding section of the disabled person himself/herself when presenting a physical disability certificate, rehabilitation certificate, or mental disability certificate.

8.Long trip discount

Over 9,000 yen have 10% discount

9. About

1-8 are Kanagawa standard taxi prices