Vehicle introduction

It is a backseat tablet of the dispatch application (GO). QR code payment is possible from this screen.
The fully automatic air conditioning system (independent temperature control for all seats, right and left, front and rear) maintains a comfortable indoor environment.
The fully automatic air conditioner also has an air conditioning port in the back seat.
JBL Premium Sand System (17 speakers) High-performance 12ch amplifier ensures optimum sound quality.
Mitomo taxi is equipped with a side lift up tilt seat. The 2nd row seats are accessible outside the vehicle. Getting in and out becomes a lot easier.
It has more room, more usable rear space. By storing the third row seats horizontally, it is possible to put a considerable amount of golf bags and trunks.
A 13.3-inch display is set above the rear seat. Each content can be viewed even while driving.
LED lighting is installed above the rear door. It is very convenient for loading and unloading luggage in dark situations.
From the second seat, “AC100V and USB port” installed in the center can be used.
In order to prevent the “rolling” and “road vibrations” that are unique to large vehicles, dampers are installed in various places to absorb shocks. A comfortable ride has been achieved.
This is a picture of the damper parts. I installed this piece on the bottom.
In order to maintain long-term comfort, we have adopted “salt damage countermeasures” and “heat resistance enhancement” around the lower part. Measures against salt damage ➡ Antirust paint (black) Heat resistance measures ➡ Heat resistant paint on muffler (silver)
Equipped with an LED to prevent rear-end collisions when opening and closing the door.
There is a Wi-Fi environment

Wi-Fi is installed in the car, so please use it.

nanoe standard equipment

Mitomo Taxi’s commercial car “Alphard” has an excellent in-vehicle environment. (NanoE standard equipment)
It is also effective in suppressing viral infections.

  • Suppresses bacteria and viruses that float and adhere to the air!
  • Decompose harmful substances that are said to be contained in PM2.5!
  • Allergens: Suppresses allergens such as mites, dead insects, and pet dander!
  • Improve your texture and make your skin beautiful! Shiny and supple hair. Astonishing fingers!
  • Suppresses 8 types of mold that float and adhere indoors!
  • Suppresses 13 major pollen species in Japan!
  • Penetrates deep into the fibers and deodorizes odors such as cigarettes and pets!
What is “nanoe”

Nano-sized particle ions “nanoe” that protect the air!

We keep the air clean, which is essential for us to live.

“Nanoe” developed by Panasonic has the power to weaken the actions of harmful substances in the air such as pollen, mold, allergens, and PM2.5.

My car is not a welfare vehicle

If you need to utilize a stretcher, please use my friend’s “Nagisa Nursing Care Taxi”.

Wheelchair accessible taxi

“Nagisa Nursing Care Taxi”
Nursing care taxi in Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture

*What is a stretcher?

It is a nursing care mobile bed that can be used by people who have difficulty walking independently or moving in a wheelchair.