About the Driver.

My name Masao Mitomo
I have 12 years of experience In the transport industry.
I take you there in comfort and style.
Book today!

Vehicle introduction

We utilize a new model as the “luxury minivan Toyota Alphard SR type”.
(Hybrid Electric 4WD 7 seater)
It comes with a “side lift-up seat” that makes getting in and out easier.

*What is a “side lift-up seat”?
The 2nd row seat on the passenger side is electrically operated to move up and down outside the vehicle.
So you can get on and off while seated.

Operation manager


General Passenger Car Transportation Business (Private Taxi, One Vehicle per Person) Authorization No. 06-9105808


(Private) Mitomo Taxi

Person in charge

Masao Mitomo

Registration number



Yamashinadai, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Phone number




Meaning behind the logo

Since the taxi is operated by a wagon, I wrote a wagon silhouette illustration so that you can imagine a wagon from the logo mark.

By adding three stars, which is the master rank, to show we are providing a safe and secure high-quality taxi service.

The initial M, which is represented by a curved line, has the image of a smooth ride with passengers, the image of a road that goes on forever, and the image of skiing lightly from a career as a ski instructor. rice field.

We used a simple mark to create a high-quality, luxurious service image. The color is a green that gives a sense of security, and I chose a dark green that gives a sense of luxury.



1962 Fuchu City, Tokyo

Educational background

Tokyo Metropolitan Hamura High School (General Course)

Work history

Toshiba Corporation (worked for 10 years in production management)

Nagano Prefecture Sugadaira Kogen Ski School (ski instructor for 1 season)

Stationery and office equipment sales (won second place twice in the Kanto region; worked for 12 years)

Production line automatic control device design/manufacturing company (manufacturing management work for 4 years)

Corporate taxi company (service area ⇒ Keihin area 12 years of service)

April 2022 “Personal Taxi” Legal Exam Passed

September 2022 “Personal taxi” authorization issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Regional Transport Bureau)


(2002 Passed official instructor qualification certified by All Japan Ski Federation)
(I have decided not to continue the same qualification in 2022.)

Until now, local citizens ski classes, boy scout batch test ski,
He has been active in ski instruction and leadership at parent-child ski classes. From now on, with the opening of private taxis, I will enjoy skiing in my free time.


Lives with his wife (purchased a new detached house in Yokosuka City in 1997)